Digital Technologies

In today's world, Digital Technology is a vital area of growth. We pride ourselves on our use of this at Oberon and believe that our facilities and programs are outstanding.

The features of our ICT delivery include:

  • Weekly Digital Technology specialist sessions in our well-equipped computer lab, featuring 26 networked PCs, Apple iPads and an interactive whiteboard,
  • A minimum of six iPads in each classroom with internet connectivity and an assortment of learning apps. We are currently implementing a program with the aim of having 1:1 iPads across the school over the next few years,
  • SmartBoards or Apple TV in every classroom that are used on a daily basis.
  • Implementation of the eSmart cyber safety program,
  • Oberon Primary School is committed to ongoing review and development of our Digital Technology program and we ensure that our facilities and skills taught align with industry standards.